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Violet Flame Prayer - YouTube.

14.03.2018 · Start any violet flame or meditation with a prayer. It cleans up your aura and will not allow other negative entities to get into you. This is very important. Carrying healing crystals like tourmaline or all purpose ones like amethyst or turquoise also protects you. See yourself surrounded by a violet-flame pillar about six feet in diameter and about nine feet high. It can extend from beneath your feet to well over the top of your head. See the violet flame come to life as if.

03.05.2009 · Simple Prayer to Saint Germain and the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is Spiritual Alchemy in action. Its purpose is to TRANSMUTE denser feelings, actions, deeds, karma, etc. into a higher vibrational frequency, which helps prepare us for our Ascension. 08.05.2014 · Violet Flame takes away all negative energy from you and because of that makes you free, happy, joyful, rich and successful.

Violet Flame: This article explores the violet flame. In doing so it looks at the Master Alchemist: St Germain and the role he played in introducing the knowledge of the violet flame to the world. The article also explore how the violet flames works in transmuting negative energy to positive energy through violet flame meditation. 07.02.2018 · ANOTHER TWENTY MINUTES OF VIOLET FLAME With this twenty minute selection of Violet Flame decrees, the pace is a bit faster. INVOCATION In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God. As you affirm I AM you are declaring that your God self is in alignment with that quality or person. In the following I AM affirmation Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germain have once more upgraded the Gold and Silver Violet Flame of Transmutation to a higher frequency. If we invoke the violet flame daily, religiously, as if the world depended on us, we can literally dissolve the mountain of karma that besets us! The violet flame is an invisible spiritual energy, the seventh ray of the Holy Spirit, that appears violet to those who have developed their spiritual vision.

11.10.2013 · Violet Flame Every human being uses energy and substance waking and sleeping. Everyone is creating vibration and form through the individual consciousness every instant. The. 03.03.2019 · Meditation: Violet Flame & Prayers Welcome friends thank you for being here with me in my virtual space. I am Alina, and together we will do this wonderful and powerful meditation and Violet. Consciously casting into the violet flame all that comes up for transmutation daily through the science of sacred sound in the giving of mantra and prayer, 9 we gain mastery over harmful patterns of behavior such as resentment, anger, non-resolution, selfishness and all that separates us from joy and experiencing positive relationships with. 22.05.2017 · This Reiki session is infused with the violet flame energy. A high frequency spiritual energy that transmutes negative energy into pure source energy. A high frequency spiritual energy that.

Ein wahrer Seelenverwandter kommt der Reflexion der Twin Flame so nahe, wie es in physischer Inkarnation überhaupt möglich ist. Die Seelenverwandten sind nicht unsere Zwillingsflamme, sondern begleiten uns als Partner durch viele Inkarnationen um uns zu helfen, uns mit unserem ultimativen heiligen Gral in uns selbst zu verbinden. The Violet Flame 1 The violet flame is a considerate flame. It is a loving flame. It is a grateful flame. It is a flame that has its own momentum of self-luminous, intelligent substance, containing and embracing the very knowledge of alchemy itself. It may be difficult to understand how a flame can have consciousness, but remember, a flame is. Prayer of Twin Flames to Balance Karma, Serve in Harmony. This, then, is a call you ought to include in your prayers. It is a call that says: “O God, I desire to perform the best service and to fulfill my inner vow with my twin flame. Violet flame meditation can help us open to greater awareness. Violet Flame Meditation can greatly assist us in making the transition from a fear-based life to a unity-based life. No matter how intense things look in our lives and / or in our world, we can keep bringing attention back. Zwillingsflammen-Magnetismus. Alles, was getrennt gewesen ist, ist wieder zusammengebracht worden. Lasst mich heute zu Euch über die Kraft der Zwillingsflammen-Liebe sprechen. Lasst mich Euch zeigen, wie sie Euch hochhebt und von der schrecklichen Illusion der Anti-Liebe heilt. Lasst mich Euch zeigen, oh meine Wertvollen, wie jede Träne, die.


04.07.2016 · Saint Germain introduces a new Violet Flame Technique, the Sonic Violet Flame, to transform and significantly upgrade your connection with a certain person, a. Ascended Master Saint Germain Master of the Violet Flame, Chohan of the Seventh Ray. The ascended master Saint Germain is the chohan of the seventh ray and sponsor of the United States of America. He is a master alchemist of the sacred fire who comes bearing. 24.09.2012 · The ascended master Saint Germain's gift to us is the violet flame. His mantra for the Aquarian Age is: I AM a Being of Violet Fire. I AM the Purity God Desi. How to Use the Violet Flame Daily - Saint Germain's Mantra. 4:21. The Violet Flame by HarmoniousCreations. The Violet Flame. 5:23. Violet Flame Meditation by messagesfromwithin. Violet Flame Meditation. 9:59. Violet flame prayer for taking away all negativity from your soul by Maria Piotrovskaja. Violet flame prayer for taking away all negativity from your soul. 9:42 [Deleted video] Violet. Liebe Lichtwesen, um die tiefe, reine Liebe auf der Erde wieder verankern zu können, werden in diesem Jahr alle Zwillingsseelen und Dualseelen zusammengeführt, soweit dies möglich ist, weil es immer noch einen freien Willen gibt. Das ist auch gerade jetzt so wichtig, um immer mehr aus jeder Form von Ehe-Dramen zu finden, welche in so.

Visualize yourself surrounded by the violet flame as you see it in the Chart of Your Divine Self around the lower figure. See the violet flame come to life as if you were looking at a movie. The flames in different shades and gradations of purple, pink and violet rise and pulsate around you. The conscious use of the Violet Consuming Flame is the only means Life has provided by which any human being can free himself or herself from his own discord and imperfection. This means to call to the “Mighty I AM Presence” to produce the Violet Flame and then visualize and feel the Flame passing through the body and around it. Free prayer requests, the Violet flame, prayer circles, Novena to St. Jude, Post prayer answered, the original Lord's Prayer, Healing, Overcoming obstacles, Spiritual consultant, Energy Healing, phone Readings, minister.

You can also use the Violet Flame to help family and friends. Just visualize the Violet Flame around them while you offer a decree for their Highest Good and add a prayer before you start, if you prefer. The Violet Flame can also help others that you might not be aware of.. the Violet Flame 13 Experiencing the Violet Flame 15 How Does the Violet Flame Work? 16 The Violet Flame Acts Like a Powerful Detergent 19 Physical Healing with the Violet Flame 21 The Violet Flame—Helping Our Bodies to Heal Themselves 23 Higher-Dimensional Physics Sheds Light on the Miracle of the Violet Flame 24 A Skeptic Experiments with. Adding a violet flame meditation once in a while to your daily practice is a lovely way to feel a fresh sense of peace. The violet flame is a powerful tool anyone can use in meditation. It helps release negative karma, raise your consciousness awareness, the frequency of your vibration, and accelerate your spiritual growth. This Little-Known Violet Flame Meditation Can Transform Your Life by Mateo Sol / 6 min read / 7 Comments For centuries, spiritual alchemists have sought after the philosopher’s stone and the transformation of led into gold.

NOTE: These prayers and decrees are taken from Soul Mates and Twin Flames, pages 146–55, also included in Discussion Guide 6. Permission to copy and share these study materials in their entirety, including the copyright and contact information, is granted.

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